Updated School Information


Yesterday two ASD students sent threatening messages by text through a third party to three other ASD students.  The threatened students immediately reported the threatening texts which came from a telephone number unknown to them.  The police were immediately called to the campus, we locked down the campus and an investigation was begun.  Within a matter of hours the authorities executed an electronic search warrant and the source of the threatening texts was located and the two students were arrested.  We communicated with our parents as we had information available we could share and cooperated with the investigating authorities, following their direction.

Because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act we can’t discuss information about any of these students, either those arrested or those targeted.  Authorities are still investigating and the legal process has just begun.

Students, faculty, parents and patrons need to know  we will treat any threat as serious and act accordingly. Safety has to be our number one priority.   We owe a debt of gratitude to those students who immediately came forward when they received the threats and to those county, city and state authorities who assisted in the investigation or in keeping the campus safe while the investigation was conducted. We also want to recognize the patience of our student body, and their parents, as they waited for this matter to be concluded today.  Things worked as they should have and everyone did their part.

School will return to normal today but we will remain vigilant.  There will be counselors available for any student who feels anxious about what happened yesterday and needs to talk.

Jason Sanders, Superintendent