Red River Federal CU Sets up Reality Fair at Ashdown High School


Mary Schreiner, Marketing Assistant and Emily Bright, Student Services Coordinator for Red River Federal Credit Union set up stations in the Ashdown High School Gym to create a “Reality Fair” for students in Mrs. Anderson and Coach Wilson’s classes.  The 11th graders were able to experience financial reality.  Students chose clip boards with various occupations on them which included the monthly income for that occupation and total taxes as well.  Next, students went around to various stations where the expenses that they could incur each month such as fixed expenses (rent, transportation, insurance), variable expenses (utilities, cable/internet, cell phone, food, and clothing), and discretionary expenses (salon, fitness, pets, electronic, and entertainment).  Students calculated their net total expenses and then spun the “Wheel of Reality” which could throw real life expenses into their calculations.  The reality of the event is that they had to make budgeting decisions based upon their needs, wants, and salary.  This is one component of how Ashdown High School is preparing students for college and career.