1989 Alumni

Sanders, John Marvin (Top 10 Graduate)

Swartz, Gerry Harold (Top 10 Graduate)

Anderson, James E., Jr. (Top 10 Graduate)

Morrick, Dawn Michelle (Top 10 Graduate)

Simmons, Robert Scott (Top 10 Graduate)

Guthrie, Robin Leigh (Top 10 Graduate)

Dwyer, Christopher L. (Top 10 Graduate)

Hacker, David Charles (Top 10 Graduate)

(updated 12-2008) My mailing address is 253 Faison Hwy. Apt. 42, Clinton, NC 28328. Phone number is 910-379-7159. My email is dhacker@intrstar.net.

David Hacker

Holland, Matthew Morgan (Top 10 Graduate)

Starks, Marshun Yvette (Top 10 Graduate)

Abney, Ellen Ray

Aitken, Julie Janay

Ayers, Bryan

Barrett, Sherri Marie

Beard, Tony E.

Bell, Sedren S.

Bell, Wynnefort M. Hemphill

Bowen, Ray Bernard

Breedlove, Bradley Laine

Britt, Jeff Clark

Burns, John Joseph

Burns, John Marshall

Burnside, Johnnie

Burris, Stephen Dwayne

Burton, Keith

Burton, Robert Cornell

(Updated 12-28-08) Hello everyone from the class of ’89. I am currently living in Grand Prairie, Tx and work for the Department of Justice. Spent SOME years in the Army and Army Reserves and deployed to Iraq in 90 and Bosnia in 95. I’m married with three kids- 15,11,and 5. I can be reached at ds1vet@sbcglobal.net.

Carson, Renwick Damon

Casper, Jerry Lamar, Jr.

Ceynar, Timothy J.

Chadwick, Leslie Alice

(Updated 3-20-06) I am now living in Magnolia Ar. with my husband Chris Story and my two children Alex-10 and Ashley-8. I have been working at our local fitness club for the past four years as a Personal Trainer/nutritionist and I am currently certified in three national areas of fitness, aerobics, weight-training and pilates-tai chi. Chris and I are 6th grade sunday school teachers, we also teach 3 and 4 year old cubbies in AWANA and I direct the kindergarten-1st grade choir at our church. Our e-mail address is c-story@cox.net and we would love to hear from our classmates.

Chafin, Patrick O.

Chandler, Devida Kay Bush

Cobb, Charles E.

Coe, Tracy Lynnell

Coleman, Christopher Kyle

Coleman, Myron Charles

Collier, Melissa Anita

Cook, Sharon Lee

Cook, Steve Allen

Copp, Carmen Renee

Cornelius, Joe Henley, Jr.

Cornelius, Martin M.

Costa, Jorge R.

Covington, Mark Anthony

Cox, Kristina Evelyn

Crews, Shannon L.

Crow, Charles L.

Dansby, Marcia LaShea

Day, Stacy M.

Drake, Brandon A.

Drapeaux, Roger Dale, Jr.

Dudley, Jason G.

English, Joe Albert, II

Fleming, Renee Suzette

Fondren, Rosetta JaWanda

Foster, Raymond Grant

Fowler, Jonathan Lee (d. 12-2015)

Fricks, Dennis E.

Gibson, Denise La-Shea

Glasgow, Alisha Renea

Graf, Adam Anthony

Graf, Oscar Stanley, III

Graves, Anthony

Graves, Patricia Ann

Greet, Jeffrey Wayne

Grimes, Kelly Sue Cornelius

Grimes, Rhonda Shavette

Guillory, La-Chandra Shanta

Gulley, Charlotte Elaine

Harper, Judy Lynn

Harrington, Dwayne Ray

Harwell, Benjamin Aubrey

Hawkins, Carlos Marcel

Hearn, Stacie Lee

Hunter, Raylin Todd

Hinton, Jeffrey D.

Holloway, Jennifer Marie

Hopkins, Jimmie E. L.

Jackson, Tasha Komeca Shellette

Jester, Teena Marie

Jetton, Shundolyn Levett

Johnson, Troy

Jones, Joseph C.

(Updated 5-9-06) I am currently living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I am married to Amber Jones and Have two children, Jordan D. Jones(12) and Zoie K. Jones(10 months). I am a veteran of the United States Navy and also am a personal trainer/massage therapist. Doing Great! cujobuck@yahoo.com

Jones, Phillip R.

Jones, Robert I.

Jones, Shantina Darnyel

Lewis, Jodi Melissa

Lewis, Karen Sue Meeks

McDougal, Bobby Gene

McFadden, Lisa

McKendree, Herbert Allen

Malone, Tresa Lynn

Manchester, Helena Lynn

Marchand, Sherry Lynn

Markle, Jason Ralph

Marks, Shonterra Sharlette

Miller, Angela Marie

Mills, Scott Grayson

Milner, Mary Patricia

Mitchell, Stacy Lynne

Moree, Audey D.

Mosley, Sidney P.

Murchison, David Earl

Nations, Joe L., Jr.

Nelson, Nikita R.

Newberg, Jonna Ann

Northcross, Brett Allan

Nusom, H. Norman

Nutt, Barry Lynn

Parker, Jennifer Joann

Pegues, Rodney Dwight

Platt, Kevin H.

Proksch, Brian Guenther Von

Rackley, Marvin W.

Randolph, Tammy

Redfearn, Richard Dudley

Reed, Randy Scott

Rhone, Melissa Rena

Rhone, Stacey Yvonne

Rhone, Tracey Lamonne

(Updated 4-20-06) Hi, I’m currently an Officer in the Navy. I joined the Navy in 1989 after High School and have traveled all around the world. I’m currently in Mississippi getting ready to go to Afghanistan for a year to train Afghanistan soldiers on how to defend their country so that we can someday bring our troops home. If any of you remember me, you can reach me at tracey_r@hotmail.com.

Riley, Marquis Jevel

Ringgold, John Michael

Risinger, Laura Rebecca

Roberts, Donna Marie

Robinson, Holly Yvonne

Rooters, Billy Shawn

Russell, Robin Dennise

Saulsbury, Jason Todd

Saulsbury, Tonya Lynn Page

Scott, Michael LaDon

Scott, Shane Michael

Seymour, Lori Ann

Shepard, Niketta Shana

Smith, Derrick D.

Smith, Mark Lane

Smith Mona Felecia

Solomon, Freddie DeShun

Surber, Shannon Renee

Tabler, Maria Cecilia

Thomas, Terry Lynn

Thomas, Youlanda Michelle

Thompson, Ronda Kammell

Toler, Gary L.

Trammell, Kimberely Elaine

Turner, Claudette Raquelle

Walton, Tracy Lamonte

Warren, Eddie Ray, Jr.

Webster, Ronald Dean

Wells, Kevin Lee

Wells, Melanie Dawn

Welsh, Michael Dwayne

Whisenhunt, Christopher Robert

Williams, DeMarce Lovece

Williams, Joyce Ann

Wright, Darla Kay