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(updated 11-1-06) I am currently disabled now for the past 2 years after working as a laborer/machine operator for 14 years. After I graduated, I went to Texas Institute in Dallas for 2 years until my father had a stroke and passed away on Christmas Eve of 1987. I then moved back home to help my mom. I coached softball and played softball for years up until the summer of 1998. In July 1998, I had a bad motorcycle wreck that almost killed me. I recovered after 6 months of rehab and returned to work in January 1999. It was at that time when I went to Fayetteville to visit a friend that I met my wife, Dee Dee Hadnot. We got married in May 2000 and now have 2 kids. Dee Dee Robinson is the ISS teacher at L.F. Henderson and both of our kids go to school here in Ashdown. Our daughter, Kie’Shundria turned 7 today, November 1 and she is in 1st Grade and our son, DeVaughn is 4 and he is in his second year at Ashdown Headstart. Dee Dee is a 1998 graduate from West Memphis High School and she just went back to college to become a certified elementary school teacher. She graduates in May from Cossatot. So you could say that even though I am disabled, I still have a full-time job at home. I would love to here from my classmates. My email address is greganddeedee@yahoo.com and if you want to call me that’s fine too. My number is 898-4567.

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