1984 Alumni

Abner, Steven Keigh

Alexander, Ronnie D., Jr

Adkison, Shelia Annette

Altenbaumer, Tracy Clinton

Armstrong, Jimmie Anne

Bagwell, Daniel H.

Baker, Garland Harold

Baker, John C.

Bohanon, William Dean

Booth, Donald Wayne

Bowman, William Anthony

Boyle, Stacie Deneice

Branch, Ulysses

Britt, Patrick Laron

Britt, Sharkey Lyn

Brown, Kenneth

Bryan, Rhonda Lee

Burgess, Amelia Carol

Burgess, Kerry Wayne

Burris, Melissa Ann

Burton, Sheri Alysia

Caver, Dawn Michelle

Ceaser, Vincent

Center, Michelle Ruth

(updated 1-7-13)

BSN – Henderson State University 1996

MSN – Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, 2007

Currently employed as Forensic Healthcare Coordinator at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA, and first full-time Forensic Nurse Examiner appointed in the U.S. Navy. A Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves, and a published author: Navy Medicine, Military Medicine, Forensic Nursing Science 2nd ed., and “You Know You’re a Military Nurse When … “

The proud mother of Alistair II and Alexandra, step-mother of Anthony and Issac Ortiz, and wife of United States Marine Corps Master Sergeant (retired Apr 2012) Alistair Ortiz.  Currently residing in Suffolk, VA can be reached via email at:michelle.ortiz@med.navy.mil or chelortiz@hotmail.com , or via cell phone at 757.535.3899 w/text or work:  757.953.0089.

Cheatham, Richard, Jr.

Clark, Scott Jeffery

Crenshaw, Camille T.

Daniel, Connie Sue

Deaton, Tammy

Dinger, Dewayne

Draper, Lorie Janette

Dumas, Kelly Von

East, Paul David

Elmore, Sandra Joan

Embry, Tammy Houchen

Fitzgerald, William David

Fleming, Patricia Leah

Fooster, Harold James, Jr.

(Updated 8-07-08) My name is Harold J. Fooster Jr. I graduated from Ashdown in 1984. I have a Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E) from Henderson State University (88) and a Master of Music Education (M.M.E.) from the University of North Texas (96).

I am currently an Assistant Professor/ Assistant Band Director/ Percussion Instructor at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, currently married with one daughter and two grand children. We reside in Pine Bluff, AR.

Forbes, Ivy Lynnette

Ford, John Russell

Free, Kimberly Sue

Galloway, Mary Margaret

Gist, Artas A., Jr.

Graves, Donna Marie

Greathouse, Jana Kay

Green, Jerry Mack, Jr.

Greene, Tracy Arnez

Griffin, Robert L.

Grimes, Harlan Glenn

Gallmark, Tammy Diann

Hambleton, Todd Anthony

Harris, Paul

Hawkins, Larry

Hedgecock, Steven T.

Helms, Angela Faye

Hemphill, Perry

Hood, Tamela Sue

Hopkins, Pearlie Denice

Hopkins, Sandria Kay

Jewell, Brian Kieth

Jewell, Lesa Lynette

Johnson, Tony Dewayne

(Updated 10-13-11)  I am employed at The University of Alabama as the Executive Director of Logistics and Support Services. I am married to Lynn Johnson of 25 years and counting. Lynn and I both Graduated from Henderson State University 1990. Lynn has a Masters degree in Nursing from The University of Alabama. We have two kids (TJ age 19 and Darley age 15). TJ is a junior at The University of Alabama. Darley will be starting the eleventh grade in the fall of 2011. God Bless you and your family.

Email: tjohnson@fa.ua.edu

Phone: 205-792-4268  Office: 205-348-8798

Address: 1726 Ozier Drive

Tuscaloosa, Al 35405

Jones, Jennifer Sue

Judd, James Howard, Jr.

Keener, Herschel Dean

Kyle, Sherrie Michelle

Langley, Jeanne Lynn

Lansdell, Theresa Lynn

Latimer, Patricia Lynn

McCoskey, Jerry Frank II

McFadden, Willis J., Jr.

McGhee, Dale Wade

Madden, Jack, Jr.

Marchand, Mary Aletha

Mays, Douglas Eugene

Merrell, Ernie David

Merrell, Lonnie E.

Miller, Dana Ann

Miller, Michael Eugene

Miller, Oliver Shawn

(updated 8-2013) Been married to Heidi since 1989, we have 7 children.  Our oldest, Joshua, graduated from Ashdown in 2008, and Lauren is a senior this year (2013-2014).  She was the high school Panther mascot her freshman & sophomore years.  She is in the NHS.  Our 3rd is going to be a junior.  Kayley runs cross track & track, and is on the varsity volleyball team this coming school year.  Both girls are in BETA.  Our 4th is Jacob, and he is starting 9th grade playing the french horn in the PPMB!  Go Panthers!!  Our 5th, Krissy, is a 6th grade Cub cheerleader, and is excited about starting Jr. High.  Our last 2, Lindsey & Joey, will be in 4th & 1st grades.  Heidi has been working as a sub for the school district, mostly at the Jr. High.  I work at WKMC in Shreveport 3-5 days a week.  I commute the 100 mile drive each way each time. Long & tiring drive but I do it so I can keep my family in Ashdown.  We live in my parents house that we built in 1982; SLOWLY remodeling it.  We also grow blackberries (drought killed them summer 2012 year, and basically this year), so if you want some next summer let us know.  My kids do all the work of planting (with me), weeding, picking, shelling, bagging, whatever with all the produce in our garden.  Our younger 3 did the majority of the purple hull peas that they sold at the Farmers Market in Ashdown this summer- made over $400!

Miller, Timothy Allen

Mitchell, Kevin

Moore, John

Morrison, Glen Daniel

Muldrew, Rodney E.

Newberg, John Michael

Newton, Charles Mark

O’Guinn, Stacey Lorraine

Osborne, Wendelyn Yvonne

Parker, William I.

Pate, Jeffry Lynn

Polite, Allen Dewayne

Pounds, David Alan

Powell, Don Allen

Rawlin, David Owen

Reed, Timothy James

Rhone, Michael Angelo

Rhone, Tonya Monique

Robinson, Donna Marie

Robinson, Monique Lachelle

Ross, Blakely Layne

Russell, Matthew Parker

Russell, Todd

Saunders, Lisa Renee’

Lewis, Melissa Ann Sewell

Shawhart, Jackie Belinda

Shelton, Michael Douglas

Shepard, James Raymond, Jr.

Sheppard, Louis Bernard

Shurtleff, Rhonda Jean

Shurtleff, Sondra Jo

Simpson, Felicia Gay

Smith, Kimberly Ann


Starks, Darryl L.

Starks, Marvin Andre’

Starks, Tamala Evette

Still, Reginald D.

Stripling, Tracy L.

Stuart, Stacey A.

Suggs, Jessie C.

Surber, Carla S.

Surber, Iris C.

Surber, Scott C.

Thornburg, Michal P.

Thrash, Cotton

Threadgill, Tamala

Threadgill, Tracy L.

Trammell, Michael C.

Treece, Tammy R.

Trowler, Cherie M.

Turner, Philip E.

Upton, Moe

Wade, James O., Jr.

Walden, Donna R.

Walker, Andrea L.

Walker, Nell D.

Walker, Versialene

Walton, Carmelius

(updated 9-13-08) Carmelius R. (Mon) Walton graduated from Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, AR with a BBA in Business Administration, and worked for Cooper Tire & Rubber Company for 17 ½ years in Texarkana, AR. Relocated to Mansfield, TX; presently employed with Miller Brewing Company in FT. Worth, TX. Married to Cathy (Roberts) Walton; two sons, Mercadez C. Walton 19 & Cameron M. Walton 14. You can contact me at Home email camcatmon1@att.net Work email Walton.Carmelius@MillerCoors.com

Walton, Clark G.

Wright, Teri L.

Young, Anita M.

Zeigler, Angela C.