1982 Alumni

Armstrong, Bonnie Len

Austin, Marjorie Deane

Ayers, Teddy Randall

(updated 6-29-08) Married to Cassandra Franklin Ayers. One daughter-Laura Ayers and one adopted daughter-Brittany Harness. High school band director for 20 years. Currently at Rison, AR. I have taught ESL, Adult education, K-12 music, Math, and worked for educational consulting firms. I have also done some work as a Spanish to English translator. I have owned a lawn care and landscaping business for 16 years. I plan to retire and move back to southwest Arkansas in 5 years.

Barnes, Thomas Roberts

Barnes, Timothy Ormond

Bean, Lester

Block, Paul Douglas

Booth, Jimmy Lee

Booth, Sharon Dale

Bowman, Sonya Jeanine

Bowman, Sherri Lynn

Boyd, Sheri Jan

Bradshaw, David Allen

Burns, Linda Marie

Burton, Doris Evans

Burton, Roy Chester, Jr.

Bush, Clifton David

Bush, Rhonda Lynn

Buster, Jerry Dwayne

Caldwell, Kirk Douglas

Calloway, Willie Dee

Cannon, Alexia Jean

Carter, Brian Keith

Chandler, Scott

Chriestenson, Marty Eugene

Church, Michael

Coker, Darryl Wayne

Coleman, Tamara Ann

Collier, Mark Glen

Cowling, Darla Kay

Cranford, Stephen Curtis

Crawford, Anita Sue

Dangerfield, Sharron Antoinetta

Davis, David Michael

Deering, Janet Cook

DeLoney, Jimmy Don

Derrick, Janet Cook

Dollarhide, Joe Edward

Donovan, Ronda Renea’

Elkins, Lori Elizabeth

Elm, Andrea G.

(updated 9-23-08) In 2007 I moved to Henderson, NV. I have one child left in High school class of 2011. My oldest daughter made me a grandma in 2005 Serna Rose Witt. My daughter is in Brown College studying graphic design. My oldest boy is in IL doing computer work. I’m working as a bookkeeper for a real estate and property management company. Check out MySpace page that my youngest designed.


Andrea Stephenson



Findley, Julia Lee

Flowers, Raymond Thomas

Ford, Randall

Fatherree, William Paul, Jr.

Ficks, Betty Ann

Gaines, Randy Charles

Galloway, Vickie Lynn

Graves, Carolyn Denice

Greathouse, Mary Susan

Greathouse, Timothy Dean

Green, Karen Allie Geneva

Green, Debbie Louise

Griffin, Richard Wayne

Griffith, Raymond Carl

Gulley, Richard Devin

Gunter, Teresa Ann

Hallmark, Cynthia June

Harless, Rosemary

Harris, Jeff

Harris, John David

Hartman, Richard E.

Hathcock, Richard

Hearne, Felix LaRay

Hile, Janice Marie

Hill, Lisa Ann

Holland, Deborah Vonne

Hood, Rickey Leon (deceased 1-11-08)

Hopkins, Barry Lynn

Houck, Sandra Gail

House, Sherry Denice

Howard, Harold

Isley, Lee

Jackson, Tracy

Jetton, Charlette Lavern

Johnson, Christi Renee

Johnson, Sherri Lynn

Johnson, Tempa Sue

Jones, Lila Bernice

Jones, Olivia

Jones, Sharon Elaine

Keener, Bridgette Camille

Keener, Randy Denoise

Lansdell, Gary Lee

Lee, Keith

(Updated 12-2-14)  Divorced with 3 daughters; Dallas, Donna, and Tiffany.  I have 2 grandkids; Jaylynn and Kamdyn.  Working as a maintenance hand.

Lovewell, James Eugene

McAdams, Kimberely Kris

McBroom, Charles C.

McCandles, Bruce Lane

McGraw, Frances Rene’

McVay, Shelly Marie

(Updated 12-2-14) My name is Shelly Marie (McVay) Walsh.  I graduated in 1982 from Ashdown High School.  I am divorced with 4 children and 2 grandchildren.  I am a teacher and live in Texarkana.  My email address is shellbears@hotmail.com

Marks, Judy Carole

Mills, Paul Joseph

(updated 9-10-08) I am living in Las Vegas, NV…still playing music (I was in the “Purple Pride” band and still have fond memories of Mr. Tucker and the whole band experience…I played Tri-toms in the percussion section) I am newly married (again) and have 2 children…A son in college and a beautiful little girl in junior high….my websites’ below give a brief synopsis of what Im doing these days…

Paul Mills




Milner, John Patrick

Moon, Christopher F.

Moore, Roger Ray

Morgan, Kevin Bruce

Mounts, Shannon Ann

Murphy, Donna Sue

Murchison, Jennifer Renee’

Nations, Mary Dane

Nations, Vincent Wallace

Nelson, David Cardale

Newberg, William Todd

Newton, Emma Jean

Parks, Dawn Renee’

Parsons, Gabriel Whitney

Perkins, Brian Keith

Perkins, Chrystal Rochelle

Pickett, Kimberly Dianne

Pitts, Charles Deran

Platt, Krystal

Porter, Micheal Vaughn

Priest, Robert Eric

Rasco, Mary Ann

Rhodes, Thomas Dale, Jr.

Richard, Carolyn Denice

Ricks, Sylvester, Jr.

Riley, Gene Autrey

Roberson, Darrell William

Robinson, Rufus Lowell

Rogers, Keith

Saulsbury, Joel W., Jr.

Scott, Gloria Jean

Self, Roy M.

Shepard, Tyree Rochelle

Silvey, Mark A.

Smith, Connie Adams

Smith, Ernest Ray

Smith, Tony

Starks, Deirde Michelle (updated 11-29-16) Deirdre Starks Hawkins…Longview,Tx

Staten, Mary Ann

Stewart, John Curtis

Taylor, Byford Edwin

Taylor, Rayford Donavon

Thomas, Mary Ann

Thompson, Lin

Threadgill, Isaiah

Trammell, Andrea Ann

Tremblay, Denice Yvette

Turner, Stephen Carl

Turner, Lori Lynn

Vaughn, Michael Lee

Wade, Harold Nielson

Wadkins, Francisco

Walker, Ronnie

Walker, Stephanie Alena

Waller, Lisa Rhea

Ward, Deanna Michelle

Ward, Sonya Kay

White, Pamela Kay

Whitmore, Bobbie Jean

Wilhite, Charles Rodney

Williams, Jeanette Cecil

Williams, Karen Ann

Williams, Marx Selwyn

Williams, Michael Erwin

Winters, John Casey


Kyle James

(updated 5-12-06) I would like to hear from any of my former classmates. I am an equipment manager for the city of Tulsa, OK. I attended 1971-1973.