1976 Alumni

Anderson, Lena

Bailey, James

Banks, Patricia

Beard, Charles

Beedle, Stephen

Biggs, Jo Ann

Blair, Donald

Blankenship, Goldena

Boyd, Theron

Bradshaw, James

Brewer, Guy

Broomfield, Katherine

Brown, Kimberly

Buffington, Louis

Bush, Curtis

Buster, Larry

Butler, Janie

Christopher, Sandra

Cook, Nan

Cooley, Mark

Hey all I married a foreman girl named Becky Smith in 1983 and in 1985 moved her to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan where we had two children a boy and a girl. Those cold winters were good for making babies lol. Any way in 1991 moved to North Carolina where we still live. Still working at a paper mill. I guess ill do that till I retire. Both kids are in High School now and doing very well. If you would like to contact me my email is cool9604@bellsouth.net . Look forward to hearing from some of yall.

Cooper, Jeff

Cousin, Kathy

Cowan, Larry

Cox, Kevin

Craig, Carlyne

Crockett, Edward

Cyrus, Mark

Davis, Dorothy

Davis, J. Chris

Davis, Tracy

Deadner, Adrian

Dove, Cynthia Jean

Dunn, Guy

Embry, Dana

Evans, Eddie

Ford, Brenda Kay

Ford, Tim

Gaines, Marilyn

Gentry, James

Gordon, James

Green, Jimmy Dale

Green, Judy Ann

Green, Ray Andrew

Griffin, Eula Mae

Hall, Jamie

Harrington, Cindy

Harris, Donald

Hartwell, Berdean

Hatridge, Ray Glenn

Hawkins, Paul Dale

Henderson, Kenneth

Henderson, Lorene

Hill, John Eddie

Hill, Tammie Marie

Holliman, Rickey

Hoover, Teresa Jean

Hubrel, Gerald

Johnson, Nikki

Johnson, Sheryl

Jones, Diane

Jones, Lamar

Jones, Vernon

Keener, Henry

Keener, Ronnie

Kidd, Mary Jean

King, Mary

Langley, Ronald

Lewis, Calvin

Lewis, Hal Randal

Lovewell, Clyde

Lynch, Susan

McCandless, Elton

Marsh, Joseph

We live in Bedford, Texas right between Dallas and Ft. Worth. I have been married to a First Grade School Teacher, Gale from Star City, Arkansas, for the past 25 years and we have two children. A Boy Child who is now nearing 21 (guess that makes him near a Man Child) and an Eagle Scout and a Girl Child (known to me as “The Fairy Princess”) who just turned 13 and will be starting Junior High in the fall. Been there, done that but gonna be alot harder with a Girl Child.

I worked for 30 years as a Meat Department Manager and quit last November to go into business for myself as a Drapery Installer.

You may contact me at: e-mail propwash9@comcast.net

Cell Phone 817-729-6678

Matthews, Deborah

May, Deborah Jean

Meeks, Sandra

(updated 11-2-06) Please contact me at kckorner@sbcglobal.net (be sure to put “Class of 1976” in the subject line or it just might get deleted)

Merrell, Patricia

Miller, Adolph

Miller, John

Mills, Donna

Mitchell, Laquetta

Mullins, Penny

Neal, Ruby

Neal, Velma

Nelson, Albert

Pate, Rodney

Pierce, Charles

Pickett, John

Priest, Kathy

Reynolds, Vickie

Richards, Cynthia

Richardson, Deborah

Robinson, Annette

Rosenbaum, Judy

Royal, Ricky

Rusch, Audrey Robin

Russell, Glen Allen

Russell, Rickey

Saulsbury, Angela

Scott, Vanessa

Shelly, Henry

Simmons, Donna

Sivley, William

Smith, Roddy

Smith, Sammy

Snow, Sandra

Occupational Therapy Clinical Coordinator

Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute

9601 I-630

Little Rock, AR 72205

501-202-7604 (office) 501-202-7007 (fax)

e-mail sssteven@baptist-health.org

Stephens, Richard

Stewart, Michael

Stoker, Arthur Richard

Stoker, Joe Steven

Stone, Sharon Kaye

Taylor, Hugh

Terry, Gloria

Thrash, Rodney (d. January 2009)

Torrence, Karl

Tremblay, Annette

Weatherspoon, Dottie

Welch, Sunny

Williams, Craig

Williams, Joe

Williams, Mitzi

Williams, Pamlia