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Hallman, Cinda (deceased 12-24-07)Cinda A. Hallman, Spherion’s former chief executive and one of a handful of women ever to head a Fortune 500 company, died Christmas Eve after a long illness. She was 63.

Hallman left the Fort Lauderdale staffing and recruiting firm in 2004 on her third anniversary after a 10-month leave for an undisclosed illness.

“Getting myself in tiptop shape is the primary thing to me,” Hallman told The Miami Herald at the time.

A cause of death was not disclosed. Hallman, who lived in Boca Raton, was single and had no children.

“She was an outstanding human being, a fine business leader, and she had an extraordinary career,” said Steven Elbaum, a Spherion director who was chairman when Hallman was appointed CEO in 2001.

Hallman joined Spherion’s board in 1995 while she was an executive with chemical maker Dupont. She was elected to the CIO (chief information officer) Hall of Fame in 1997.

Spherion’s board in 2001 tapped Hallman to replace longtime CEO Raymond Marcy after the company’s stock price sank. Marcy, who oversaw 34 acquisitions, built Spherion into a Fortune 500 company and one of South Florida’s largest publicly traded companies. But the deals didn’t produce expected benefits.

Hallman became just one of five women at the time to head a Fortune 500 company. It garnered her a lot of publicity and invitations to sit on corporate boards. But the distinction didn’t last long; Spherion dropped out of the Fortune 500 as Hallman reorganized the business. Hallman vowed to return the company to the ranks of the largest U.S. companies, but it did not happen.

According to an ad in Friday’s Wall Street Journal, Hallman was a supporter of the United Way and Catalyst, a New York organization devoted to advancing women in business.

In a 2001 Miami Herald interview, Hallman offered this advice for women who aspire to lead a public company: “Have confidence and believe that you can do what you want to do. It is important to be tenacious and remain focused on your goal.

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